Holiday Footprints

Promotional travel video in Costa del Sol

The project for Holiday Footprints consists in the video production Marbella and a website. The video in questions is a travel video.

Holiday Footprints is a company, which deals with holiday rentals. HF have several properties both in Cyprus and Spain. They were looking for a production that could capture what they want to sell. Holiday Footprints did not want to sell their properties in the video, but a sensation. That sensation of freedom, relax and adventure that people have when staying in one of their properties.


Before explaining in detail everything about the production, you can watch the final video next. If you want to learn more about the process we had to reach the final product, please keep reading the text after the video.

Video production Marbella for Holiday Footprints

Concept for the video production Marbella

The concept of the project was really clear since the beginning. We wanted to create a video that would represent one of the days of one of Holiday Footprints’ clients. To emphasize this concept we use several tools:

First of all, we avoided filming the face of the main character. By doing this the viewer could imagine themselves more easily living the day we represent. In several occasions you can see parts of the face of the main character, but it is not until the end of the video when you can see the whole face.

Secondly, we tried to create a video that was closed. What we mean by that, is having very similar beginning and the end scenes, which closes the circle of the day. This is interesting for the video production Marbella and also for the concept that the end of one day is the beginning of the next one.

With these two main concepts we start the video production Marbella.


Locations for the video production Marbella
Filming and techniques used

Like we explained before, in the video production Marbella we looked to start and close a day on holidays. To emphasize this concept, we start the video with a short take of the very last scene of the video. With this we wanted to achieve two things. First of all, give the impression that the beginning of a day is the end of the next one. And secondly, to show that the main character was actually living her previous dream. For this second concept to be easier to grasp, we see how the character opens her eyes in the dream to find herself in the room of the Holiday Footprints’ villa.

The scene in the room is the introduction in which we see the video title, “Another perfect day”. After getting up and opening the curtains, the day starts and with it the music that will accompany us during the whole video. We went for a music piece with Spanish guitar as the main instrument. This music, we believe, celebrates these holidays as well as guides us through this trip around Malaga.

Lastly, regarding the sound design, we looked to emphasize certain scenes with sound effects. Waking up with the sound of birds. Curtains opening to start the day. The sound of the sea and the footsteps in the water. The drink being prepared in the disco.


Video production Marbella-Timelapse

Recording of one of the timelapses for the video production Marbella
Transition takes and timelapses

During the whole video, we used several transition takes to make it easier to understand the changes in time and location. We can see several examples of these: after leaving the villa to go to the beach, going to Malaga and Mijas and lastly to the disco. The most simple ones show several images of the place we are going to. The transition to the beach or the arrival in Mijas are examples of this kind of transition.

In three occasions we decided to use timelapses. A timelapse is a video in which the time is concetrated, meaning that the time will go much faster and everything will move quickly while the viewer perspective will be still. Two of these are urban y shows us the time passing inside a busy city centre. The last one shows us the sunset near the sea, leading us to the final scene in the disco.


Being a film that tries to make the place where it is filmed even more appealing than it actually is, we used a very colourful palette. In most of the scenes in the video we color graded with the orange and cyan being the heroes. These two colours have great contrast in between them and are present in the beach scene (orange sand – cyan sea) and in the main character (orange skin – cyan clothes). Lastly, in the disco scene we change to two other complementary colours. Green and red.

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Holiday Footprints-Website

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