Villa Mardon



The owners of the villa asked us to produce a real estate video. The Mardon Villa rests in a privileged spot. It is quite close to Marbella’s city centre and its beach. Therefore it was critical for the real estate video to emphasize this proximity and the magnificent views.

One of the things that make this villa special, is the size of the plot in relation with its location and the great work the owners have done with the garden. Because of this, being able to highlight the green space that surrounds the villa was crucial.

In the interior shots we looked for angles that make the spacial continuity easier to understand. Due to this the video manages to emphasize the spaciousness and luminosity of the villa. This luminosity is even greater thanks to the big windows and the white interior the villa has. The idea of continuity in the path, already mentioned, is even more important in the interior. You can watch the video on the right or if you prefer in YouTube.

Real estate photography

In the photography of the exterior we look to emphasize the great green space that surrounds the villa. In addition we tried to show how close the Marbella beach is.

Having lost the movement of the video, the importance of finding the perfect angle is even greater. In each of these spaces we tried to show the fluidity of the interior space. Using these techniques we are able to connect rooms or views through doors, arcs or windows. With all of the mentioned strategies, we achieve easier understanding of the interior space of the villa.