Creating a new company branding

The idea for the Pop Media design comes from Pop art. This artistic movement was  very popular in America and United Kingdom in the 50’s. It was a very colourful movement and uses elements from comicbooks. Some of these are: dialogue bubbles, written onomatopoeia, the use of basic colours and halftone patterns).


First of all, and being the name of the company Pop, which is at the same time an artistic movement and a possible onomatopoeia so common in comics, the decision could not be other. Therefore a very comic-like font was the final choice for Pop and Media. These looked directly taken from comic pages. In addition we used a more handwritten style was for the “.es” and “.tv” and a dialogue bubble with a halftone pattern to complete the design. Finally, we used colours with great contrast. In the first place orange and cyan and on the second cyan and blue. These are complementary colours.

YouTube’s Pop Media design

Next we looked at our YouTube channels. The motif that we used for the logo fits perfectly with the YouTube’s Pop Media design. We used dialogue bubbles and eye-catching colours in the video intros, for the name tags in the videos and for the channel art. You can visit the YouTube channel click HERE.  Lastly, in the video intro’s we decided to animate the different part of the logo using comic-like sounds (Pop’s and pencils writing). You can see this intro in the following video.

Web design

Finally, for the website we opted for less flashy elements, but looking to maintain a global coherence. The Pop Media design on the website uses less colours. In most cases only black and white. The use of other colours comes when we try to make some elements stand. In the Spanish version of the website we used orange for these elements and on the English one, cyan.


Graphic design, web design