Graphic design for PCR

Using a pre-existing brand to design

During several years I worked for Primary Care Recuitment, a company specialized in medical recruitment. Being a small/medium sized company, among other duties, I was in charge of most of PCR’s graphic design. The company already had a corporate branding. This conditioned the design, not like some of my other projects. Because of this, I mainly used the logo colours (red, white, light green and grey) and the font for the first projects.

Graphic design of flyers, posters and social media images

Most of the time in PCR I designed flyers and ads. In most cases I followed the same principles; I used of the company colours in simple designs, though letters or simple drawings. With these simple designs, following the “less is more” that I like so much, I managed to catch peoples attention while maintaining the company brand.

Logo graphic design

In second place you can see the logo I designed using the old one as reference. The old logo is in  the bottom part of the flyers and posters. Most of all, the idea was to simplify  and make a more modern design, also introducing the new company motto. Playing with the company font and  colours I designed two different versions. The first one for dark backgrounds and the second for light ones.


Lastly, apart from PCR’s graphic design, I produced my first semi-professional videos. Despite not counting with the best equipment or conditions, the result was quite satisfactory and introduced me to my passion: video production. I produced 8 videos for PCR in which my colleague Jeannie explained everything about the company and the candidate’s job interviews. Nowadays the YouTube channel has almost 2.000 subscribers (even though I did not produced any no new content since these videos) and the most watched video has around 50.000 views, despite not covering a popular subject.


Graphic design