Surf Life

Skate advertising video

Advertising video production

The client, Surf Life, was looking for an advertising video production, in which the protagonist would skate in an abandoned urban area. For this reason, we chose two locations. The first one was an abandoned complex in Costa del Sol. The second was a skaters park in Fuengirola, although only a graffiti wall was shown.

We filmed most of the video in this first location. We see our skater entering the abandoned complex by jumping a wall. The graphics for the video titles use a font that is really urban and could be a graffiti. The final title for the film is “Sidewalk surfing”.

On of the most important aspects of this advertising video production is the lighting. For this reason we chose to film the video early in the morning, so could take advantage of the golden hour. During this time the contrast of the light is not as pronounced. Also the sun is still quite low, so we could use it in our compositions while filming.

In the second location we wanted to emphasize the colour so common in graffiti. Using a wall full of graffiti, we filmed the protagonist skating around and in closeups.

Music and color

Regarding the color of this video, we decide to use a more aggressive style from the one seen in the Holiday Footprints video. We wanted to give the video a more artistic look.

The music chosen is a hip-hop piece that mixes both classic and modern sound. The author is Scott Nice and the song name is Touching Down and you listen to the original song here. We use different sounds in the song to edit our video, to give it rhythm. The song was cut to fit our needs in the video. We used the parts that best fit the different parts of the advertising video production.


Advertising video production